Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Snow Leopard

I'm working on a Mac. Snow Leopard is the latest Apple software update. There are annoying glitches that are supposedly addressed and some new functionality. I draw using Adobe Illustrator. One hassle that I have always dealt with is not seeing a preview of those Illustrator files. Now, the icons show you a mini picture of the content of the file. Small thing but huge for me. I have been using Macs for 15 years. It has never been perfect, there is always a bug. It seems as though computing has moved into an era where the main focus is to take advantage of the processor and move packets of information effectively using the Intel Highway. I am really concerned about glitches in my program. People are getting used to things working well. If your game hangs up or crashes your audience will write bad reviews and vaporize.


  1. As a Mac Geek at heart, I too rely upon speed, performance, and processing quality. As Snow Leopard is leaps and bounds beyond any operating system offered by Windows, I hope to leverage the Mac to now introduce Adobe Creative Studio 4 tool sets to the mix.

    Since I have last spoken with you, I have embarked upon a third masters degree where we will soon be using creative studio 4 to build games, applications and practical systems. For someone that is just starting out with creative studio 4, what would your suggestions be regarding teaching yourself or learning these tools? Which Adobe product would you say is the most useful to you? And lastly, can you point out any great projects on the web that have been built using the Creative Studio Software Suite?

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