Friday, November 6, 2009

Steve Jobs and tweet size headlines

I was sent an article discussing why Steve Jobs is a great speaker. He has been suggested as being "CEO of the decade". His secret has to do with simplicity and surprise. People were on their knees waving their arms in the air when he pulled a laptop out of a manila folder. Another thing he does is break down his message to visuals and simple quotes. He creates tweet size descriptions and people get it. Here is the list of tweets I plan to send out once the game is available.

A free iPhone app that really kicks butt -
Beat the Boss on your iPhone for free -
Kick Ass / Take Names! - for the iPhone for free
Smack your boss in the chops with your iPhone! -
Hit your boss without getting fired! - for the iPhone
Suggest a weapon, win a free T-Shirt! -
Take out your work frustrations on your iPhone! -
Hate Your job? Have an iPhone? -
Corporate anxiety therapy using your iPhone -
Pink slip in your future? Have an iPhone? -
Believe in executive punishment? -
Ticked off at your boss?...hit it him with your iPhone! -

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