Sunday, January 3, 2010

Promotional Video

Now it is a new year, thank the Lord. The delays releasing Beat the Boss have been necessary. The market has changed, having to wait created deeper understanding of the situation. There are 125,000 apps at this time, there are 100,000 developers. I believe many thousands have dropped out of the game. Making a profit creating an app takes experience combined with a good product. The days of iFart are over. The average guy does not want to go through the pains of creating a hit and sustaining it. Quality iPhone entertainment will take careful preparation and skillful promotion. Personally, I am not planning on luck.

Marketing a game is like promoting a new song. You have to tell your exact audience that you exist and how they can buy your game. You have a short time frame to get this done. It is not a slow building process, you have to come out throwing punches.

Now I am in the process of creating a promotional video the IndiaNIC will use to talk up Beat The Boss. I purchased a Flip HD Video recorder, set up a tripod and had Marianne interview me over the weekend. I also got Final Cut software to edit the piece together.

Now I am my own client. All aspects of the project need attention at the same time. Having programmers and marketing help makes the task a little easier.

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  1. Why is the time frame so short? I agree that all the preparation is needed, but what's the hurry? Doesn't word of mouth still work? If the product is good, and Joe buys it and likes it, won't he still tell Tom, Dick, and Harry about it - even six months later?