Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brain Freeze

One of the things on my laundry list is to write a blog. You are reading this so it is working and I am following the plan. Writing is cool, but you want people reading. I Googled "promote your blog" and started taking note. I joined BlogCatalogue, Technotrati and StumbleUpon. I also logged onto Linked-in. Recently, I joined a group called "Intelligent Mobile Marketing" and read a post by Matthew Spight about target marketing. His website's aim is to index and market business intelligence blogs from around the world. That can be found at He got back to me quickly with a personal note, so I got the feeling like I just met a new colleague rather than signed up for a newsletter. I am finding that I am reading and writing much more these days. The left side of my brain is normally dormant. I'm not as dumb as I think I (the drawing of the frozen nerd is available on


  1. Your art is pretty sick... Thanks for the mention.

  2. or

    I actually featured your blog and website as part of my newest blog for a program that I am taking for my third masters degree which is in Interactive Communications and Media. I hope that's ok. Newest blog is