Friday, August 7, 2009


Being that I am a cartoonist my apps reflect that mind set. I am not making standard SDK apps, I am using the screen as an interactive play device. As an example, TheFirstDog app has you throw a frisbee to Bo on the White House lawn. My next app is business related, but a game.

For now, the title of my app will be code named "Hugh DeMann". Hugh is the boss at the DeMann Corporation. He will insult you, a bell will ring (Jerry Springer style) and two boxing gloves will appear. You hit him with punches while he moves like George Bush dodging a shoe. There will be a free and a paid version. Hidden clues about the game will leak through out through social media.

I have been working on the app for close to 4 months at this point. There are a number of cool innovations.

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