Monday, August 17, 2009

Being that I have an entertainment rather than gaming background I story boarded and planned like I was creating a short film. I am making this game piece by piece, one foot at a time. Most projects have a deadline. A client or your own brain demand you finish now. In a way, this is my life's project. No rush. It isn't tied to a holiday or occurrence. This is about people that hate their boss. There are cave drawings with that theme. I am the client. I always had the idea of verbal interaction with the Boss character. I wrote all the lines to be used in the game and recorded them myself. I made versions of the game in Flash to test. Then I got pro voice talent on The guy was great. He did all my lines within a couple of days for about $300- $400. No studio time, no engineer. The files are excellent. When the game comes out the voice will really stand out.

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