Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pizza Hut iPhone App

I had mentioned a pizza app in a previous post. Pizza Hut has come out with their own app. One of the things I read is that you want to fill your first 20 reviews with positive messages. This takes an organized effort. Eventually reality hits and the reviews truly reflect the value of the app. But when a consumer checks, they see those first few. Obviously whoever made the Pizza Hut app didn't think of this. The public took care of it and it isn't pretty. There is a lot of mention of "sucking" and " I hate this app". Corporate creation is tough, too many chiefs. They actually make you register online before you can move forward. They could have done that in the app and made it more seamless. They did get 150,000 downloads in a two week period. My guess 149,000 deleted it first day.

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