Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things change

For years I have been angry about what happened to me in the early 80's. I was transferred by my company to Las Vegas to sell terminals that read credit cards by the magnetic strip. Nobody was interested and the technology was weak. This was at the same time that AT&T was deregulated as well as a switch from analog to digital. I was stranded in a hell hole. My new boss, who was having an affair with the CEO inherited my mess. I was basically screwed. I quit before I was fired, I should have sued.

Now I read "The Tipping Point" and start to understand what happened. I was caught in the middle of a storm I didn't realize existed. I have been more aware of the cellphone's adoption as well as flat screens. Much of what exists now seems like it has always been around. Not.


  1. That's kind of interesting... you're hinting at something that seems a lot deeper than you are revealing. I wish I knew what you were talking about though...

  2. The tipping point is a fairly deep concept, you should read the book. Pretty much people take a while to adapt to new technology. Many businesses were hesitant to get involved with the web, then everyone believed.