Friday, August 7, 2009

Michael Jackson

I normally don't get involved with fan worship. That isn't what I am writing about. For me it's just clearing my head. When someone dies that is about your age and visible in your life it makes you think. He did effect my life.

Michael Jackson and I were born within a week of each other in 1958. My first concert was the Jackson 5 at the Hollywood Bowl Aug 8, 1971. What I remember is a sea of bobbing afros while Michael was singing ABC. I drew a cartoon of him in 2006 as a wallpaper for mobile phones.

In 2009 in my iPhone app TheFirstDog, Bo, the Obama's dog dances when he catches a frisbee twice. He moonwalks. He was bigger than Elvis, amazing entertainer. He will be missed and remembered.

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  1. within a week? Wow. Shows how different people's lives can be.

    I was born the year Elvis died. Michael Jackson died on my birthday this year. Michael Jackson also told Lisa Marie Presley that he fears he'll end up like her father. The world works in mysterious ways...